Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Sales

In the consumer product goods (CPG) industry, frontline workers operating within retail environments are crucial for driving sales and ensuring product visibility. These individuals need to be well-equipped with product knowledge, sales strategies, and the ability to adapt to the fast-paced retail landscape.

Ozaru’s AI Supervisor provides a comprehensive solution to empower these frontline workers, enhancing their effectiveness and contribution to the CPG industry’s success.

Frontline Workers In The CPG Industry Face Several Challenges

Product Knowledge

Staying informed about a wide range of products, features, and benefits.

Sales Execution

Effectively promoting products, managing displays, and engaging with retail staff and customers.


Quickly responding to changes in promotions, product launches, and retailer requirements.

Ozaru’s AI Supervisor offers targeted features to
support CPG frontline workers

  • Real-Time Product Information

Access up-to-date details on products, including pricing, promotions, and unique selling points, enabling informed interactions with retail staff and customers.

  • Sales Strategy Guidance

Receive tailored sales tips and strategies for optimizing product placement, managing in-store displays, and executing promotions effectively.

  • Adaptive Learning and Alerts

Stay ahead of the curve with instant updates on new product launches and changes in retail strategies, ensuring front-line workers can adapt quickly to new directives.

Benefits for CPG Frontline Workers

Enhanced Product Expertise

Armed with comprehensive product knowledge, front-line workers can confidently answer questions and advocate for their products.

Improved Sales Performance

With strategic guidance, frontline workers can execute sales plans more effectively, leading to increased visibility and sales of CPG products in retail environments.

Agility in Retail Operations

Quick access to information and alerts enables frontline workers to stay adaptable, ensuring they meet the dynamic demands of the retail landscape.