Frontline Operations
with AI-Driven Agility

At Ozaru, we’re redefining the support structure for frontline workers with our groundbreaking AI Supervisor. Specifically designed for operational and regional managers in enterprise environments, our AI Supervisor offers unprecedented assistance and efficiency.

Empowering Every Decision with Agility

Ozaru’s frontline supervisor isn’t just another software solution; it’s the integration of a sophisticated AI assistant right at the core of your frontline workers workflow.

Whether it’s through familiar platforms like WhatsApp or our versatile web app, our technology meets your team right where they are, ensuring effortless adoption and seamless integration into your workflow.


Real-Time Communication

Instantly push tasks, updates, policies, or any vital information directly to your frontline workers, ensuring they’re always informed and aligned with your company’s objectives.

Insightful Engagement

Engage with your frontline workers to gather real-time insights, feedback, and evidence on daily tasks. This proactive engagement not only enriches your decision-making processes but also fosters a deeper understanding of employee experiences.

Always ON

Available 24/7, our AI Copilot promptly answers questions and offers guidance, ensuring continuous support for your team according to your company’s policies.

Instant Feedback

Customers expect quick resolutions to their concerns. Instant feedback mechanisms guarantee prompt attention to customer feedback, ultimately resulting in elevated satisfaction rates.

Meet Your Frontline Workers Where They Are

Operate seamlessly within your existing tools, whether it’s WhatsApp or any smartphone web app, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency for your team.


  • Unparalleled Agility

Implement changes, distribute information, and onboard new employees with unprecedented speed, directly impacting your operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Reduce downtime and streamline operations with targeted, real-time information and support.

  • Improved Employee Experience

Gain insights into your frontline workforce’s and experiences, fostering a more engaged and satisfied team.

  • Cost-Effective Scaling

With a simple pricing model of $100 USD per seat per year, scaling your operations with Ozaru’s AI Supervisor is both cost-effective and efficient.

Learn why our clients love us

Empower Your Frontline with AI: Transform Operations in a Swipe

“Just having Ozaru’s AI Supervisor transformed my job at the gas station from overwhelming to outstanding. It became my daily guide, offering real-time updates and tips that boosted my efficiency and customer service skills.

This noticeable improvement in performance led to my promotion to Shift Supervisor. Ozaru was more than just a tool; it was a stepping stone in my career. Now, I mentor my team to harness this incredible tool, aiming for their success too”.

Pedro Guzmán, Supervisor Red Energy

Instant Insights, Agile Operations: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Frontline Team

“Before, gathering actionable data for building a new process was a slow, manual process. Now, with real-time feedback and insights directly from our team’s daily interactions, we’re making more informed decisions faster than ever. The ability to instantly understand and respond to our frontline’s needs and experiences has been a game-changer for our operations”.

Salvador Boyzo, Operations manager Overnia

Revolutionize Your Frontline Management: Where Speed Meets Intelligence

“Integrating Ozaru’s AI Supervisor into our onboarding process was a game-changer. Previously, getting new hires up to speed was a weeks-long process. Now, with Ozaru, it’s down to days or even hours. The personalized support and real-time updates directly to their phones have made our employees feel confident from day one.

It’s not just a tool; it’s revolutionized our entire onboarding approach, saving us invaluable time and resources in all our hardware stores”.

Oliver Perales General manager, grupo Casper

Ozaru leads the way in merging AI technology with frontline operations, pioneering innovation while prioritizing our clients’ success. By focusing on agility, integration, and real-time insights, we offer not just a product but a comprehensive solution that transforms the way enterprises engage with their frontline workers.

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