Join Us in Revolutionizing the Workplace

At Ozaru, we’re on a mission to empower frontline workers with cutting-edge AI technology, enhancing operational productivity and decision-making across various industries. Our AI Supervisor is designed to be a game-changer in the way businesses communicate, learn, and operate. We’re seeking sales and distribution partners who share our vision for innovation and are ready to help us expand.

Why Partner with Ozaru?

Innovative Product Offering

Align your brand with a pioneering AI solution that’s at the forefront of workplace technology.

Competitive Advantage

Offer your clients a unique and powerful tool that can significantly improve their operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Revenue Growth

Benefit from attractive partnership terms, including competitive commissions and recurring revenue opportunities.

Marketing and Sales Support

Gain access to comprehensive sales training, marketing materials, and support from our team to ensure your success.

Technical Support and Training

Receive in-depth product training and ongoing technical support to confidently sell and distribute Ozaru’s AI Supervisor.

Who We’re Looking For

Technology Distributors

Entities with a strong network and experience in distributing technology solutions to businesses.

Sales Agencies

Dynamic sales agencies with a track record of successfully introducing innovative products to market.

Industry Consultants

Experts who understand the challenges faced by frontline workers and can articulate the value of Ozaru to potential clients.

How to Become a Partner

  • Discovery Meeting

Our partnership team will schedule a meeting to discuss potential synergies and how we can collaborate successfully.

  • Express Your Interest

Fill out our online partner inquiry form with details about your company and your experience.

  • Launch

Together, we’ll launch our partnership, equipped with strategies and tools to successfully market and sell Ozaru’s AI Supervisor.

  • Partner Onboarding

Once selected, you’ll go through an onboarding process, including training and access to marketing and sales resources.

Let’s Create Impact Together

We are dedicated to forging robust, mutually beneficial partnerships that have the power to revolutionize the way the world operates. If you share our passion for technology and aspire to contribute to a solution that empowers frontline workers globally, we warmly invite you to reach out to us. Your enthusiasm and expertise could make a significant difference.

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Start the conversation and explore how we can achieve great things together.